Tigger at Los Angeles Temple

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Palmyra New York Temple

Here I am at the Palmyra New York Temple

Sorry, Moroni! Didn't mean to photobomb you.

There! Is that better?

Hanging out on another beautiful temple fence.
Taking a rest on this bench and admiring the view.
Another stop on the breathtaking grounds.
And I can never resist climbing a tree, especially one with such beautiful flowers.
Can you see the Sacred Grove etched into these glass doors?
I always have to stop and smell the flowers.

Check this out!

Here I am looking up at the Hill Cumorah where the golden plates were buried.

Moroni is one of my heroes!

And this is where the Book of Mormon was printed.

I got to tour the Grandin Print Shop. I love historic places!

And then we visited the local bookstore.

Anyone is welcome here.

This was one of my favorite spots to visit.

And my trip would not be complete without a visit to the Smith farm.

This farm has been preserved pretty much the way it was when the Smith family lived here.

I thought it was interesting that this is where my host took me for a bite to eat.
It reminds me that we can keep the commandments so we can "chill out" in Heaven, or
well, you know, hang out in the hereafter some place hot.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Manhattan New York Temple

This week I'm visiting a very unique temple in The Big Apple.
The Manhattan New York Temple is my favorite "skyscraper" because
I feel close to Heaven when I'm at a temple

This building is both a temple . . .
And a regular meetinghouse where church is held on Sundays.
And that is my friend Ilene who was so kind as to show me around.
She even took me to Times Square.
There are lots of voices blaring at us from the world,
so I am even more grateful there is a place we can go to escape all that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Phoeniz Arizona Temple

The Phoenix Arizona Temple

Another beautiful reflecting pool.

I met a youth group who kindly posed with me.

And I wandered the grounds looking for great photo spots
that did not involve sitting on a cactus.

The desert landscaping was beautiful.

Although it didn't feel as good as it looked.

I much prefer sitting near a cactus rather than on one.
I doubt the person who posed me for that last picture has
ever sat on a cactus. Just sayin'.

Gilbert Arizona Temple

Here I am at my third temple in Arizona.

The Gilbert Arizona Temple.

Just hanging out on the temple grounds, reading my scriptures.

Another awesome view!

I met lots of people coming and going.
These ladies were sweet enough to pose with me.

And this group was pretty friendly, too.

I posed with some beautiful bridesmaids!

And I sat in front of a refreshing waterfall.

And let's not forget posing with the flowers.

And more flowers!

And a little aloe vera.

I got to meet the guys who maintain the grounds.

It takes a lot of work to keep the temple grounds looking so nice.

Palm trees are my favorite!

Mesa Arizona Temple

When they built this temple in Mesa, nobody ever thought
there would be need for more than one temple in Arizona.

It reminds me a bit of the temple in Laie, Hawaii.

A climbed up for a better look.

And here I am reflecting by the reflecting pool.

Each temple has its own unique history.

Good thing I was here in the spring, because I don't know
if I could resist taking a dip if it was too hot.
Just so you know, sitting on a cactus isn't that comfortable.

What I don't do for a great picture!

This one isn't quite so prickly, but still . . .

This is a piece of petrified wood.

And this rock is covered with petroglyphs.

I missed being able to see the annual Easter pageant,
but I did get to see the scenery.

Too bad I had to leave a couple of days before the pageant.

I hear it is awesome!

This is a depiction of the Garden Tomb.
My owners may be taking me to the real one in Jerusalem later this year.
Stay tuned.

I plan to come back someday and see the Easter pageant.